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The people in Haiti are living in the midst of a war zone, as gang violence has escalated to new heights. A State of Emergency has been declared as the country is spinning out of control on every metric, from gangs to kidnappings, migration to murder. To put it in perspective, the devastation of this crisis is believed to be larger than the 2010 earthquake.We believe that God has positioned us for such as time as this, to serve our brothers and sisters who are in desperate situations. People are starving. The innocent are being murdered. Children are not being educated. The sick are unable to get care.Mission Light of Life  has a proven distribution and ministry model that God has used and grown over the last 3 years, which has allowed us to reach people and serve their needs—despite the traumatic events happening in the country. 


July 2018

PetroCaribe fuel situation sparks unrest and drastically increases inflation

July 2021

Jovenel Moïse, the President of Haiti was assassinated

Days before his death, Moïse appointed Ariel Henry as his new prime minister

Henry took over as prime minister

August 2021

7.2-magnitude earthquake hits southern Haiti; it’s the largest natural disaster to hit the country since the 2010 earthquake

The country has been without an elected official since the assassination

Gang violence escalates across the country as gangs have long sought to fill a power vacuum left behind when President Moïse was assassinated, and they have wanted Henry to step down from office

February 2024

Henry, the Prime Minister of Haiti, was at CARICOM, a group of Caribbean nations

Henry committed to having elections by mid-2025, which set off manifestations in Haiti

Henry flew to Kenya to sign a reciprocal agreement for the deployment of Kenyan troops to Haiti which set off more manifestations

A prominent gang leader and former police officer who has been very outspoken toward the prime minister. He called all gangs to come together and has vowed to fight until Henry resigns. He asked that all parents keep their children home

March 2024

March 1 - Henry signs an agreement with Kenya to deploy 1,000 police officers to combat gang violence

March 2 - Gangs attacked two main prisons in Port-au-Prince, releasing almost 4,000 inmates

March 3 - Government then declared a state of emergency and put a curfew in place

March 4 - Gangs attacked the airport several times—all flights have been canceled

March 5 - Henry lands in Puerto Rico and has been able to return to Haiti

As of March 11 - Port-au-Prince has been a war zone all last week; it’s estimated gangs control over 80% of the city. People are fleeing their homes. Gangs have taken control in Cabaret. People fled from there and were displaced to Bercy

Gang leaders have said they will not stop until Henry steps down


Pray. First, and most importantly, join us in praying specifically for the safety of exiled families and for our team as they continue to risk their own lives to serve. 

Give. Serving so many vulnerable people will be costly. If you feel compelled to join this expanding effort, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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