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Church Advancement Projects

​Working alongside the local church is central to everything we do at Mission Light of Life  We want everything we do to advance the church, because local churches and leaders best know the needs of their communities, and they will remain in their communities long after a mission trip is over. 

When you serve on a  Light Go mission trip, you will have the opportunity to participate in Church Advancement projects. These projects are life-changing for participants and recipients alike as people come together to serve across cultural lines. You will help meet the physical needs of a community, such as building a home or distributing water filters. Through Church Advancement projects, local churches are strengthened, communities are improved, the gospel is proclaimed, and lives are transformed.

By partnering with and working alongside the local churches, we make sure the people in the community see the church meeting their needs,  Americans. This fosters an openness to the local church and to the gospel. We ask the pastors, “What does your community need to be transformed?” This informs our strategy and approach in each location. Our goal is to equip and empower local churches to meet the needs of the people and serve alongside them, while inviting you and your team to participate in the transformation that takes place.


Building Homes In Haiti​

You can help build homes for families in need with Mission Light of Life. Haiti, constructing both single homes and entire neighborhoods. These homes provide families with security, stability, and peace of mind, allowing them to thrive and build a better life for themselves and their families.

After the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, thousands of families were displaced, and some of them still live in the makeshift blue tarps provided by relief organizations. You can come on a mission trip with Mission Light of Life  and help with the construction and finish-out of these homes. We want to meet their physical and spiritual needs, ultimately bringing life transformation through Jesus Christ.

Mission Light of Life , in partnership with New Story, is currently building homes in Arcachaie, Haiti for those in need. To learn more about our Arcachaie Housing Project, click here.

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