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Urgent Update Haiti

Urgent Update: Haiti Mission Light of Life

​No More! charity organizations

We’ve shared about unrest in Haiti over the past several years, but it’s time we have a raw conversation about what’s been taking place. In short, it’s devastating and dark.

Mission Light of Life Haiti
​Our hearts are broken by the atrocities taking place. While we are an organization that focuses on hope, right now, our friends in Haiti feel hopeless. The silence is deafening. We can, and we must, do something. 


  • A democratically elected president assassinated—murdered.

  • Villages - thousands of people shot at, kidnapped, and forced to abandon the only place they have known as home.

  • Women raped.

  • Hunger pangs, starvation, and children dying.

  • Young men - forgotten and forsaken by past generations - have been given guns, not education.

  • Businesses, NGOs, and churches forced to close.

  • Families fleeing to neighboring countries—not because they want to—but because they have lost HOPE.

  • Husbands - forced to watch while wives are beheaded and then executed by their captors.

The first country in the world to free itself from slavery is now enslaved once again to the silence from the outside world as gangs mercilessly take over entire villages.

​We must give a voice to the eleven million people living in Haiti who feel like their voice is not heard—seven million who do not know where their next meal will come from.
We must speak up for the hundreds of thousands of children being blocked from going to school each day.
We must say, “no more” to women being raped, villages being burned, and children being murdered.
Haiti needs our prayers, our help, and our voices to stop the silence.
There is a path forward! A path for Haiti to be freed! To once again be the Pearl of the Antilles! 
Today we must raise our voices and say, “No more! We must act on behalf of the people of Haiti.”
It’s up to the governments, NGOs, businesses, churches, you, and I to raise our voices and act for the people of Haiti

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